Adekunle Gold new hairstyle


Recently, the Nigerian singer Adekunle Gold changed his hairstyle. Of course, his good friend Simi, another Nigerian music sensation, found a way to react to it! See how she reacted and have a look at Adekunle Gold new hairstyle.

Who is Adekunle Gold?

The real name of this Nigerian singer and songwriter is Adekunle Kosoko, and he was born in Lagos State. He is 31 years old, he is also a talented photo editor. His style of music is defined by him as urban highlife music.

In 2014, he released a hit single “Sade”, that was positively accepted by Nigerian people and radio stations. The next single “Orente” was also taken warmly by the public. Since then, Adekunle Gold started receiving a lot of nominations and awards. He signed to the YBNL Nation label in 2015, and soon enough, he released his first album “Gold”. He likes describing his music as something that has a native spirit and speaks to the entire world

Adekunle Gold hairstyle 2018

Except for his musical talent, Adekunle Gold also cares about his image and style. He often changes his hairstyles, with big Instagram announcements, of course.

Adekunle Gold new hairstyle

Fans have spotted the comment made by Simi on Adekunle Gold’s Instagram, where she compares his hairstyle to the biblical Moses parting the waters of the sea. She also hinted that she is not very fond of the hairstyle and Adekunle is lucky that he still has a nice appearance regardless of the haircut, even though most fans assumed that she was just making fun of Adekunle in a friendly way.

The interactions between Simi and Adekunle on social media sparked a new wave of rumors about romantic involvement between these two. Some of the avid fans theorize that there is something more than just friendship between Adekunle and Simi, as they often appear in each other’s company and would not miss a chance to tease each other on social media. Some, however, feel like it is just an indication of close friendship and mutual support. Either way, time will tell if they are really lovers or just best friends.

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What is your opinion on Adekunle Gold’s new hairstyle? Does the bold experiment suit him, or most importantly, do you think he is romantically involved with the Nigerian singer Simi? Comment below!

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