An Exclusive Interview With Queen Angela Marcel, Miss Legacy Ambassador 2018


Here is An Exclusive Interview With Queen Angela Marcel, Miss Legacy Ambassador 2018 after unveiling the Winner of Miss Legacy Nigeria For 2018 1st Edition.

An Exclusive Interview With Queen Angela Marcel – Miss Legacy Nigeria 2018

1. Introduce Yourself:

– “My name is Queen Angela Marcel, I’m an indigene of Nnewi north local government area in Anambra state..currently studying nursing in university of calabar.. I’m 20yrs old.. I’m a model.,despite my modelling career I’m a believer.” 

2. What Inspired You To Go Into Modelling?

– “Well, nothing really inspired me to going into modeling I have passion for it while growing up, so for me it’s a dream come true.” 

3. What Were The Events That Led You To Go Into The Modelling?

– “The event that encouraged me to go into modeling is a DSTV series(Eentertainment) of runway modelling,each time I view this particular station I always imagine myself in that position.”

4. Did You Get Any Formal Training In Modelling?

– “Yea, I do.”

5. What Would You Say Is The Major Challenge Modelling And Pageantry Faces Today?

– “I think the major challenge here, is the issue of sexual harassment which scars most of young girls who has passion for modelling away from the pageantry.”

6. Who Is You Role Model?

– “My role model is Kim Kardashian, she really inspires me a lot, she is a model, an entrepreneur ,mother and wife ..she is very hardworking and that alone inspires me A lot.” 

An Exclusive Interview With Queen Angela Marcel – Miss Legacy Nigeria 20187. Looking At Your Level In Recent Years, Do You Think You Have Really Improved?

– “Well, I haven’t gotten to that level where I don’t need to introduce myself to people, which is what I look forward to by God’s grace.”

Yea people see models as prostitutes, i think this is as a result of nudity,lots of models who go almost half naked in the cause of the career has made most people believe that it’s the act of prostitution.” 

8. Do You Think There Is A Future In Nigeria Pageantry And Modelling Industry?

– “Yea, there is.. The future is always bright they say.. I know we still have long way to go but we are really moving forward.” 

9. what do you have to say about how the society sees models? some sees them as a prostitutes.

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– “My advice is the person should have passion for modelling, allow it to flow from within.. Don’t go into modeling for at first looking for high payment and contracts that’s where you will get it wrong because once you have passion for it people will see it flow in you by that time money and contracts will surround you.”


10. It is said that the modelling industry is the largest employer of youths. Yet there are a lot of negative stories told about how youths are exploited sexually in the industry, How do you reconcile this or what do you have to say about this?

– “Well, that’s true sexual harassment is real in the industry,that’s part of the corruption we are facing in this country, I think any employer caught in the act should be withdrawn from the industry so that other employers will be impartial in their display.”

11. What Does It Take To Be Successful In The Modelling Industry?

– “I think it takes being devoted to the career (modelling), 
also being passionate about it, having sponsors is also important, and finally prayers.”

An Exclusive Interview With Queen Angela Marcel – Miss Legacy Nigeria 2018

12. If You Own A Modelling Agency What Will You Change In The Industry?

– “I will change the mentality of people seeing modelling as prostitution which is the major challenge the industry is facing and I think this is as a result of nudity ,too much nudity has to stop, also will like to rule out sexual harassment between the employer and employees”.

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2 Replies to “An Exclusive Interview With Queen Angela Marcel, Miss Legacy Ambassador 2018”

  1. Miss precious ogonodi

    I must say,,, I’m really impressed with the way our miss legacy replied… So magnificent 😍,,,, she really made me believe that modeling would boost my confidence and also even if you have an imperfect shape 🔻 you can still be a model,,,, but it’ll be difficult,,,,, you’ll need your faith….
    Though it’s difficult but not impossible 😌😌



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