Music: Dsprint – Mama Prayers (Audio + Lyrics)


Dsprint Mama Prayers Mp3 Download Audio


Dsprint Mama Prayers Mp3 Download Audio.

After dropping Oluku, Fast Nigerian rising singer, Dsprint dropped another wave titled – “Mama Prayers”.

Mama Prayers by Dsprint is Mixed and Mastered by FeyFlexy.

Listen, Download “Dsprint – Mama Prayers” and check out Lyrics below.


Lyrics: Mama Prayers by Dsprint

Run Dem
I say make you run dem (x3) 
…TMGD baby

Verse 1
I was fortunate enough i was born in a Christian home
Mama prayers keep me balling , keep me going, wea dae give me hope
My mama pray for me,
My mama show me love,
My mama care for me,
She look into my eyes and say e sure for me,
Say everyday she a go on her kneels and she pray for my matter eh
Oluwa bless me, so i fit bless my mama eh
Nnemo nnemo ezigbo mama mi oh yeah
Mama Prayers keep me balling

If you believe in your Mama Prayers shokpe oh,
And if the blessings dae follow you make you shokpe oh (x2)
My mama pray for me (my mama bless me the blessing dae follow me)
My mama show me love( the love wea she show me wahlie e dae burst my head)
My mama care for me (the care wea she show me wahlie say you can’t believe)
Mama eh!
Mama prayers keep me balling (x3)

Verse 2
Na she be definition of love, a virtuous woman, wea dae care from her heart
She ma best friend, my padi and my all, she dae pray die wahlie and she never ever stop
She a force me to eat when she never chop
She beg me to sleep when she never crash
Anytime i sick say she follow body, This kind of love, irreplaceable
Mama mama your love, olohun oh
E dae touch my heart, because of you i can’t give up oh
And i say
Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
She say my love, you’ve gat all it takes to make all the money
She say my boo, work hard hustle now cus tomorrow might be too late
The way my mama pray i dae envy
The love she show to me say e plenty
Mama pray for me, the blessing dae come and e sure for me
And she a go down on her kneels, and she pray for my matter eh
Chineke bless me so i fit bless my mama eh
…Repeat Chorus

Marbel Nnadi she be mama
Floxy Illoh she be mama
Christiannah Stevens say nah mama
Wahlie she be mama
Ijeoma Akuwudike nah my mama oh
Oh yes
Olohun na my mama oh
Mama prayers keep me balling
hm! hmm!!
Yeah wad up its your boyfriend DSprint

TMGD baby!

…This one nah for all the mothers out there, you know as e dae be.

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