Militant List Down Their Shocking Demands And What Must Be Done Before Anambra Election Will Hold



Niger Delta militant groups have listed out what the Federal Government must do before Anambra State 2017 will hold.

The militant groups, comprising of the Rainbow Marabas Squad, RMS, Concerned Militant Leaders, CML, and the Niger Delta People Democratic Front, NDPDF, argued that since May 30, 2016 when soldiers allegedly massacred harmless and innocent IPOB members in some parts of the Southern states, the Federal Government had remained silent.

Leaders of the groups, General Ben (CML), General Playboy (NDPDF) and General Aneaja (RMS) came up with the decision after their meeting in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, on Wednesday.

They demanded for justice for the victims of the May 30, 2016, Biafra Day celebration killings.

Convener of the meeting, General Ben, stated, “Federal Government should address the injustice meted out to innocent and harmless IPOB members, while celebrating Biafra Day.”

“The election in Anambra State should not hold and will not hold. That injustice must first be addressed before any election will take place by Federal Government.

"If I Am Re-Arrested, Nigeria Will Burn"- IPOB Leader, Nnamdi Kanu

“Southern political leaders, who are romancing with Federal Government to truncate and jeopardize Biafra struggle because of the selfish aggrandizement, will live to regret their actions because, we will not forget them.

“Any attempt by Federal Government to take us for granted, should be resisted. We advise Anambrarians to boycott that election. Any person that flouts our order does that at his or her peril. Nobody is our target, but don’t make yourself our target”, the groups warned.

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