MUST READ – Now I Have First Class, What Next ?


MUST READ – Now I Have First Class, What Next ?

Social media is a good thing! A lot can be done via social media and online and a lot of

people have been catching up to this vast possibilities of this new media.

Lately, a lady that had or do I say graduated with a first class degree was appealing for a job via Twitter ! She

has been jobless for over two years and was contemplating learning tailoring work.

It is alleged that she studied something close to physics or electronics but a science based course and a tech

one indeed!

This singular act has shown how we have gone down in education and also how the paradigm have shifted in

the Nigerian ecosystem from certificate oriented to value adding labour space.

Today, most employers wouldn’t give a heck about your paper certificates! If you have attended most

interviews these days , the most popular questions that owners and founders, start up firms or big firms

would ask is ” what can you do if we employ you ” what would you be offering the firm if you are hired ” and

” how can you be of value to this firm if you are hired ” these are the type of questions that are being thrown

at you irrespective of your degree or leaning.

No CEO cares about your grades at that time but the growth of the organisation and he isn’t employing you

based on sentiment but based in your capabilities as you must have advertised in your resume. I am not

saying that grades are not important.

We shouldn’t get it twisted, they are important and they are added value to you but as the narrative is

changing, people with better value proposition and hands on experience would have a better chance of

securing a job than the dude with fancy grades.

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