As I share with you today’ my first of many articles to come for the year 2018′ I am so much determined to build on the mental success of the brand I hope and pray to stand. (MENTALLY REFRESH…with Sir Asykobi)

This year’ while I journey my way back to Law school’ God willing I Shall from time to time’ share with friends and enemies alike mentally refreshing facts and scenarios that shall change their lives for good. I have decided to start this new year with a message I had left on my page earlier’ about yahoo plus boys.

During this Xmas holiday’ I took time to listen to stories and tales surrounding young Nigerian youths who are already mega Millionaires in their own rights.
I visited friends and chilled out with relations’ browsed the Internet about the theatrics of this Unimaginable youth mega Millionaires.
What could possibly be the MOJO?
Is it still the ordinary smart mind playing yahoo?
What are they doing that I haven’t done or any other person that envies their lifestyle hasn’t done?
The worst is that many of them are even secondary/ University dropouts?
I know a friend who discontinued LAW in his final year’ because of the making money quick syndrome.
The truth is that as an undergraduate’ once you put your mind to it.. You reduce your chances of graduating.

As I share this’ If you like term it I envy them’ (Who doesn’t love money)
As I share their little secrets and theatrics’ I know I am indirectly digging my own grave.
As I opine my thoughts’ I know I am engaging in a war with the metaphysical.
Regardless’ I shall continue to hide under the shadows of the Almighty. My pastor once told me ‘ that someday the world would hear my name’ my name never even cross Akpugo Nkanu’ talk less of Nsukka… (so it’s definitely not my time to die yet).

Without much ado’ here are my discoveries!

There is absolutely nothing like yahoo plus again’ what young men of nowadays are doing under the pretence of YAHOO PLUS is referred to as: MONEY RITUAL.

*********THIS IS HOW THEY OPERATE*******

(You should know that making money through demonic process comes in different formats’ the technique I shall be sharing today is just one out of many as used by the PLUS BOYS. Maybe subsequently’ with more digging and research’ I shall share other techniques. Also’ at this point’ you should know that not everyone young man driving cars are into the PLUS GAME’ the ordinary yahoo still pays.)

After the juju preparation’ the native doctor will give them either a small tortoise’ lizard or a calabash containing demonic red oil to keep under their passengers seat for collecting a lady’s womb. The native Doctor will ask them to go inside the bush and look for an IGBO MAN/WOMAN or YORUBA faeces and EAT. While eating’ you shall eat with so much joy and happiness. Anything to the contrary shall make the charm inefficacious. You can spice up the delicacy with butter’ dilute with wine’ fuck a lady afterwards etc but while enjoying another man’s shit’ you shall do so with too much joy.

I was told they don’t accept HAUSA FAECES.( for reasons best known to them).
They will be asked to quit their girlfriends and be sleeping with one new runs girl (ashewo) per day.
Most of them visits our universities in search for hungry girls who are easily moved by money and iPhone 7 in order to use them to perfect the sacrifices. They hardly repeat girls.
Most of them are asked to share girls wit co-yahoo boys.
This calls for wisdom’ ladies whenever your boyfriend begs you to sleep with his boyfriend say No. They want to swap your Womb.

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Most of them are asked to suck and drink menses just to pick dollars and they will suck, swallow and still kiss our girls with the same lips. (Only God knows where ebola’ monkey pox etc came from)

Some have already contracted the number of years they have to stay on this earth. (ALOT of them do marry early to prepare for posterity)

Many of them engage in blood sacrifices’ mysterious deaths of youths in our campuses shouldn’t sound as a surprise. (especially the so called empty slay mamas)

Alot do sleep/rape their mothers. (some mothers can’t complain or make a report cos of motherly love and affection)

Alot of them choose to sleep in caskets almost every single night. Etc

Do you think that after all these never ending silent sufferings’ you will be entitled to enjoy the money with them? Ibu onye? (WHO YOU BE)’ the least they can do for you is empower you. (TO JOIN THEM)

To you that has managed to read to this point’
YOU should be careful, we are in a dirty world. Its not only yahoo PLUS guyz you should be scared of ‘ please be careful of your roommates in the room you stay in’ in school. Some of these empty big girls in schools have yahoo PLUS guyz as boyfriends. They can easily be told to bring your panties for them in exchange for money consideration. If you at anytime notice your panties has gone missing and suddenly reappears after 2 days or so, please don’t wear it again if you start having double mind.

I continue to sing it to our ears’
YES! Nobody appreciates being BROKE or being financially impecunious.
It’s difficult to survive given the kind of rulers we have in this country’ whose sole concern is their own pockets.
I know our certificates ain’t enough no more to guarantee us a better future. ( Try to learn a skill or two to augment your earnings)
I know we all wish to make the cash real quick’ get married and have our children growing up being proud of the bright future we secured for them.
Nobody is happy been poor nor being under the shadows of the parents even after graduation.

But hear this’ ladies and gentlemen!

Our parents understands.
Don’t kill yourself trying to make the money real quick through some diabolical means. YAHOO PLUS IS NEVER THE ANSWER. Life is a process.
Lifes struggles are filled with Alot of obstacles.
Believe me when I say this’ through prayers measured in unparalleled hardwork and perseverance’ Maga must pay o.
Continue to do the little you are doing’ be content with the outcomes’ one day your own morning shall come.
And you will be proud you withstood the pressure.

May God help our generation… As for me and my family, 2018 we shall serve the Lord and the Lord must surely supply our needs and legit money IJN Amen.

Feel free to share’ save a lost soul today!

Source: Facebook:Sire Asykobi

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