Question Of The Day!! How Long Should The First Round Of Sex Last?


Hi Guys,  Happy sunday ? May all the blessing that comes with Sunday’s become ours and that of our family ?  Sex is a very important topic in the life of every human. Questions & answers about Sex matters to everyone of us, if not now, then later in the future when we finally get married.  Poor sex can break a relationship or marriage. It’s a very serious issue if a Man is not strong enough to satisfy his Girl or Wife’s sexual urge.  Also, if a lady is not Romantic or good in bed, such lady is definitely going to have a serious problem with guys and might end up losing any guy that comes her way.  However, Marriage/Relationship can become Stronger when both partners enjoy Sex whenever they get down ? Sweet sex strengthens relationship ?  No wonder those Rich married woman like running after Carpenters, Vulcanizers, Drivers and the likes as Sex partners when their Billionaire husband can’t last more than 1 minute in bed ??  Today, we are talking about “First Round Of Sex” – We all know the first round is always the Sweetest – I lie? In case you don’t agree with me, you can argue with your Ancestors.  Most times, the first round is always very short and quick but still the sweetest. You can spend a lifetime on other Rounds (Second, third, fourth), E no fit sweet reach the first one lai lai even Lai Mohammed knows ?  However, we want to know how long the first round should last. I trust some guys will start looking for solutions if they found out their first round of sex duration is poor or low after reading through the comments this post will get.  Guys, in all sincerity, from your own point of view

? HOW LONG SHOULD THE FIRST ROUND OF SEX LAST?  we want to hear from you all.

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